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Our biodigesters come in varying sizes depending on the food waste.

Peepal biogas plants provide effective solution for food waste generated in kitchens, canteens of hospitals/hotels/factories/residential complexes and can avoid health hazards due to dump sites. Apart from solving the solid waste management problems it also provides biogas as a fuel and organic manure for plants.
Biogas is a direct substitute of LPG and can be used as cooking fuel. Peepal domestic biogas plants are designed for producing biogas from kitchen waste/cattle litter waste/ poultry litter waste. The feed for biodigester includes vegetable waste, food waste, meat waste, cattle litter, poultry litter etc.

These biodigesters also helps in reducing the dependency on waste collecting bodies/municipalities. The floating drum model is designed to collect and store low pressure biogas produced from small quantity of kitchen waste. They are made up of very good quality fiber reinforced plastic material. Dheenabandu Model/ SKGS Model suits for cattle dung/poultry litter waste. ADVANTAGES OF PEEPAL BIOGAS PLANT FOR HOUSE HOLD PURPOSES :

1. Saves upto 80% monthly LPG usage.

2. Minimum space required and can be installed on terrace or balcony.

3. Return on investment in 2 years.

4. Produces natural fertilizer.

5. Zero maintenance

6. No odour, very safe, easy to use.

7. Easy to commission, handle and install

8. Compact design


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Peepal commercial biogas plant helps an organization process their organic wastes in large scale. Not only does it give the organization flexibility to generate its own power, it also facilitates cost effective way of waste disposal. As more industries look to reduce energy costs and improve recycling rates, anaerobic digestion (AD) can help you achieve both. AD converts organic waste materials into biogas; a clean power source that can heat, light and fuel your operations. With biogas production you have a complete waste to energy system that turns your waste materials into the power you need to run your business.
Features :

1. Hygenic and useful way of Waste disposal.

2. Used for heating and electricity generation

3. Generates enriched organic manure

4. Eco-friendly and renewable source of energy.

5. Reduces Global warming & Carbon Foot Print.

6. Lowers methane & nitrous dioxide emissions.


A Plant equivalent to 15,000+ Trees
EnergyBinTM is multi-stage digestion system that converts bio-degradable waste into bio energy. This includes conversion of solid/wet bio-degradable wastes like food, industrial, animal and human waste into clean bio-gas, solid manure and liquid manure that can be used in agriculture, thermal and electrical applications. The entire set up is easy to install and operate. Its PORTABLE nature makes it a PLUG-N-PLAY plant; the first of its kind in India. It’s completely enclosed design makes it odourless, noiseless and aesthetically rich to suit modern residential, industrial, commercial and corporate facilities. The chamber for energy man is completely equipped with a control panel to monitor and set parameters. Its designed in a completely contemporary way.

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Peepal Waste Managers in collaboration with Xeon Waste Managers, Pune is promoting Energy-Bin.


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Peepal Wastemanagers
Peepal Wastemanagers provides end-to-end solution for your Waste Management right from building awareness, killing myths, inculcating right habits of waste disposal, setting up plant/s for your facilities, operating it, maintaining it and reporting to you effectiveness of the solution, right at your desk/computer. And the good news is, you have all of that with a marginal investment.
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Waste Water Treatment (A Chemical Factory)

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Waste Water Treatment (A Chemical Factory)

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Waste Water Treatment (A Chemical Factory)

Not sure if the waste that is produced at your end can be converted into energy? We conduct a survey at your premises and analyse the nature of waste by carrying out a detailed feasibility plus viability study. We formulate the right additives and calibrate other parameters (like temperature, Microbial count, pH, etc.) to come up with the best possible solution. WHEN IN DOUBT……. ASK!!! But most of us have made it a habit “to ignore, when in doubt”. It’s time to change and change begins with each one of us. Call us now and we will customize the solution as per your needs.


Waste management can be really annoying. Though this job is all about "cleaning", it is an irony that most often it is considered as a DIRTY job. So why is "Cleaning", "so Dirty" ?
WHEN IN DOUBT……. ASK!!! But most of us have made it a habit "to ignore, when in doubt". It’s time to change and change begins with each one of us. Call us now and we will customize the solution as per your needs.

Lack of awareness:

1.People don’t know that there is a potential to generate energy from the waste and it can be used in their daily living.

2.People lack knowledge of what can generate energy and what cannot. i.e. what is a dry waste (the one that cannot generate energy) and what is a wet waste (the one that can generate energy).

3.Tardiness in trying to find out a proper Bio-Gas consultant/company.

4.An assumption that Bio-Gas plants require too much money, space, time and human resources.

Lack of proper waste disposal systems:

1.There are no proper bins at proper locations that segregate dry waste and wet waste.

2.Attitude that “Disposing waste is not our job”. We totally rely on the municipal bodies to take care of the disposal.


Peepal Waste Managers provide Consultation Services for Waste Management to various organizations, corporate, NGOs, NPOs, Gated Communities, Individuals, etc. Peepal Waste Managers provide Consultation Services on periodic contracts, guiding the clients to dispose their waste in a scientific manner. Peepal Waste Managers also conducts periodic camps and programs to collect electronic waste from various colonies, institutions, corporate, etc and send them to the recyclers, thus paving the path towards ‘Zero Electronic Waste’ society.